issue 25 Winter/Spring 05
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Living with Kindness

The Buddha's teaching on metta
Windhorse Publications 2004, $14.95/ £9.99 p/b

Metta or loving-kindness is one of the hot topics in Buddhism today. Certainly we can never have enough of it. This book goes back to the source by looking at the Buddha's words on this powerful quality in the Karaniya Metta Sutta. It walks methodically through the sutta clause by clause (and sometimes word by word), providing a clear and balanced explanation of the concepts contained in this short but seminal text. It looks at metta from the perspective of its meaning and ethical foundation as well as how to develop it, and where it could all lead. An excellent guide for those seeking a fuller understanding of metta with amusing anecdotes and practical tips for how to engender this core Buddhist teaching in one's life. Proof that scriptural commentaries can be lively and not just for scholars.

Carol Bois