issue 16 summer 01
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Dharma Life Magazine - Buddhism for Today

Dharma Life is a print magazine devoted to the meeting of Buddhism and the modern world. It is published three times a year. This online edition gives a selection of the articles available in the printed version. more
'What does the forest whisper?' asks Sangharakshita in his poem, The Call of the Forest. The forest is the traditional abode of those who leave the world to follow the Buddha's example of meditation and solitude. The theme of this issue looks at contemporary approaches to 'forest renunciation'.
Reginald Ray, advocate of the 'forest renunciate' tradition, argues that the forest can be a metaphor for a spirit of freedom attainable within any lifestyle. Dharma Life talks to Reginald Ray about his ideas and their implications for the modern world.
Alone amongst the beasts of the forest, Thai thudong monks overcome their deepest fears. Kamala Tiyavanich describes a remarkable practice of awareness and positivity.
In this imaginative journey with the Indian poet-monk Shantideva and his poetic work, the Bodhicaryavatara, Padmakara contemplates the timeless appeal of forest life.
In his book The New Buddhism, David Brazier challenges Buddhists to focus on the earliest Buddhist teachings and to practise social activism. He talks to Vishvapani about it.

Book Reviews
Complied by Lorne Larder

Author: Paul Williams with Anthony Tribe

Translated and introduced by Cyrus Stearns