issue 19 winter 02
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Magical Connections

'Human beings are innately social. It's difficult to progress very far on your own,' comments Sangharakshita in Ordinary Magic, a video by Buddhist filmmaker, Suryaprabha. Sangharakshita, founder of the Western Buddhist Order, suggests that modern society has forgotten the importance of friendship, especially between men. For that reason, he suggests, it is something to be consciously developed.

In Ordinary Magic Buddhist men give accounts of their friendships - the intensity of childhood friendships, the disappointments of adulthood, and spiritual friendships they have found in the Sangha. The stories are evocative and touching, and the video includes personal testimonies to an undervalued dimension of human life.

Ordinary Magic is available from Lights in the Sky, +44 (020) 7607 9480; info@budacom.com